Withnail & I

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12.12.2015  · Withnail and I is a coming-of-age comedy about friendship and a touching farewell to a lost era. "The greatest decade in the history of the world is nearly over.

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Withnail: I have of late, but wherefore I know not, lost all my mirth. And indeed it goes so heavily with my disposition that this goodly frame, the earth, seems to me a sterile promontory. This.

Withnail and I is a melancholic masterpiece and one of the funniest British films ever made. For its one-liners alone Bruce Robinson’s sweary caper is rightly regarded as a classic: "We’ve gone on.

Withnail & I. Kulttimaineeseen ja kiihkeän fanituksen kohteeksi vuosien mittaan noussut musta komedia kahdesta työttömästä näyttelijästä, jotka lähtevät.

12.12.2015  · Withnail and I is a coming-of-age comedy about friendship and a touching farewell to a lost era. "The greatest decade in the history of the world is nearly over.

Withnail and I Original Theatrical TrailerMade in 1987, Withnail & I is a semi-autobiographical classic black comedy set in the end weeks of 1969. It’s written and directed by Bruce Robinson, who lived it. The film stars Richard E. Grant as Withnail, a messed-up, flamboyant alcoholic, and Paul McGann as Marwood (or "I", since he’s never named in the actual film), his slightly more gentle and sensible friend.

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Withnail and Marwood share the delusion that release and elation can be found in a bottle. If you asked them if it made them happy to drink, they would probably claim that it did, and that’s why they do it. Well, maybe not Withnail. For reasons remaining obscure and certainly never mentioned by him, he seems to be courting suicide.

Synopsis: Withnail and I is a 1987 British black comedy film written and directed by Bruce Robinson. Based on Robinson’s life in London in the late 1960s, the plot follows two unemployed young actors, Withnail and "I" (portrayed by Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann) who live in a squalid flat in Camden Town in 1969 while squandering their finances on alcohol.

Withnail & I on siinä mielessä tyypillinen kulttielokuva, että en oikein onnistu saamaan siitä arvostuksensa mukaista otetta. Synkällä huumorilla kuorrutetut kohtaukset ovat pääosin avuttomien miesten taistelua elämän realiteetteja vastaan, joskin joitain oikeasti oivaltaviakin juttuja heidän dialogistaan löytyy.

This is all of the music from the film. 12 pieces of original music by Dundas & Wentworth (4 of which were not on the US soundtrack album), The Charlie Kunz and Al Bowly tracks that are only on the US version, The Beatles & King Curtis songs.

Withnail and I Camden Town, London. 1969 The Flat. [A few shafts of sunlight sneak through the curtains and illuminate a sitting room. There are empty bottles everywhere. ‘I’, who is smoking a joint, gets up somewhat precariously and walks into a kitchen which is full of bottles and dirty washing up.